We are blessed to have a dedicated team of staff passionate about serving our local youth.

  • For general inquiries, please call our main office at (209) 466-0359.
  • For specific questions, please see the staff directory below with their email addresses.


Meet our Staff:

Joel Wurgler, Executive Director    [email protected]

Daniel Torres, Assistant Director   [email protected]

Wendy Bates, Bookkeeper - Accounts Manager

Nancy Perata, Executive Administrative Assistant

Patrick Chan, Campus Life Director

Gino Avila, Early Intervention Specialist - Gang Awareness and Anger Management    [email protected]

Debbie Poelstra, Facilitates the - Matters of The Heart groups at Juvenile Hall to the girls unit

Vickie Trigerous, Early Intervention Specialist - Substance Abuse and Life Skills      [email protected]

Ana Vera, Early Intervention Specialist - Anger Management     [email protected]

Gilbert Lopez, Early Intervention Specialist - Substance Abuse, Anger Management, Gang Awareness and Life Skills    [email protected]

Michelle Robinson, Juvenile Justice Ministry Coordinator

  • Joel Wurgler

    is our Executive Director that oversees all our employees and ministries.  He plays a vital role on the Board of Directors and facilitates the High School Point Break Workshops, Parenting & Teacher Training, and Elementary/Middle School Assemblies. 

  • Daniel Torres

    is our Assistant Director. Facilitates the Substance Abuse Classes  in Tracy, helps assist our Point Break Workshops and supervises all Point Break staff and interns.

  • Wendy Bates

    is our Accounts Manager/Bookkeeper that keeps track of our spending and your giving, pays our bills and payroll.

  • Nancy Perata

    is our Executive Administrative Assistant that keeps us organized, keeps our website up-to-date and keeps you connected through our monthly E-Newsletters.

  • Vickie Trigerous

    is our Early Intervention Specialist that facilitates the Substance Abuse classes in Manteca, and at Lincoln, Edison, Stagg, Chavez, Civic Pride & Franklin High Schools in Stockton.  She also facilitates the Life Skills group in Manteca.

  • Gino Avila

    is our Early Intervention Specialist that facilitates the Gang Awareness and Anger Management classes in Manteca & at Chavez High School and Gang Awareness classes in Stockton.

  • Patrick Chan

    is our Campus Life Director and has an after school Campus Life outreach group on Monday evenings at Ben Holt Academy.

  • Gilbert Lopez

    is our Early Intervention Specialist that facilitates Gang Awareness & Substance Abuse in Lodi and Anger Management & Life Skills in several LUSD & SUSD school campuses.

  • Debbie Poelstra

    facilitates the "Matters of The Heart" groups at Juvenile Hall and assists Michelle with the quarterly JJM orientations and volunteer appreciation/gatherings.

  • Ana Vera

    is our Early Intervention Specialist that helps the Stockton Unified School District kids on the High School campuses one-on-one with Anger Management.

  • Michelle Robinson

    is our Juvenile Justice Ministry Coordinator. She coordinates the 80 volunteers with sending them a quarterly schedule of their Sunday dates & times, facilitates the JJM quarterly orientation and the JJM Volunteer Appreciation/Gathering.

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