What We Do

San Joaquin Valley YFC accomplishes it's mission with these local ministry programs.

  • Campus Life
    Campus Life’s relational approach to impacting young people involves personal time with kids, group meetings at schools, churches or homes, plus trips and events.  Caring adults are trained and equipped to get involved in the lives of young people to challenge them in every dimension of their lives: Social, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual.

    Patrick Chan is the Director of our Campus Life Club that meets on Mondays after school at Ben Holt Academy located at:  3293 E. Morada Ln. in Stockton.

    Growing up as a teenager today is no walk in the park.  Sure it can be fun, but it can also leave students confused about right and wrong, about what’s important, and about who really loves them.  That’s the spiritual side of life and it can feel crazy and chaotic.

    Campus Life helps students to make sense of the spiritual side of life by being engaged in their lives by hanging out with them, asking questions, listening a lot, and showing them how God can help. 

    Some teenagers seem to be hard to reach.  Those are the ones we like to listen to the most.  In fact, they are the reason Campus Life exists. 

    You may hear about our group discussions, games or trips, but that is only part of what we’re about.  We want to challenge students to keep a balanced perspective on life that includes a relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Juvenile Justice Ministry
    We have built a singificant ministry bridge to hard-to-reach teenagers. Through our relationship with the Juvenile Justice Center, we have been entrusted with the leadership role of the protestant chaplaincy ministry at Peterson Juvenile Hall.

    Incarceration brings kids face to face with the reality of their lives, softening them and creating an openness to our help and our message. We have the opportunity to impact kids who have experienced significant damage in their lives and are likely to damage the lives of others.

    We want them to see that God's love can overpower the negative stuff in their lives through Jesus Christ. And we want them to know that we will hang in there with them and help.

    Through a unique relationship with the San Joaquin County Juvenile Courts, we are able to connect trained adults to incarcerated young people and serve as the protestant chaplains at the Juvenile Detention Center in San Joaquin County. We are taking the words of Jesus in Matthew's gospel seriously..."I was in prison and you came to visit me." Matt. 25:36

  • Point Break Adolescent Resources
    Is our Community-Assisting Division of San Joaquin Valley Youth for Christ that has helped us collaborate with all the school districts in the San Joaquin County. Through this ministry, we are able to send our Prevention Specialists to 13 High School campuses to help the kids with Anger Management, Substance Abuse Early Prevention/Intervention and Gang Awareness and Intervention groups and one-on-ones. We also facilitate After School Programs such as "Life Skills" and "Too Good for Drugs & Violence" to more than 8 Middle School and Elementary School Campuses. 

    Through Point Break, we also offer an all day Violence Prevention Workshop to High Schools and "Power Play" Anti-Bullying Assemblies to the Middle Schools and Elementary Schools.

    Point Breaks purpose is to be a resource for parents, schools and community groups in San Joaquin County that helps teenagers develop resiliency skills and overcome risky behavior.

    To read more, go to our Point Break website at: www.pointbreaksjv.org or click on the Point Break logo.